Why I Chose to Laugh

I’ve had my own personal journey in struggling with infertility. Like so many, I’ve experienced the excruciating emotional rollercoaster of a life comprised of learning of my infertility; the near depression-state of mind that accompanies this knowledge; the acceptance of my condition and determination to take control to seek a positive outcome despite what seemed to be insurmountable odds; the hope and expectation of success that comes with committing to IVF; and the sheer unadulterated anger of learning there was a miscarriage.  Fortunately, I also experienced the boundless joy of success with the birth of my two sons, the first in August 2010 and then the second in August 2012.

Discovering your own infertility sucks. No other words to describe it. You are constantly thinking “Why does it have to happen to me?” Once I came to terms with it, I found it vital to talk with family, friends, friends of friends etc. By doing this, I learned about other people’s experiences and advice that at times was helpful, or at the very least, comforting and encouraging. But what ended up being the must-have advice was finding a way to laugh. Finding opportunities to laugh at some of the things my husband and I went through is how we coped. Instead of weeping all the time (believe me I did cry…ALOT) we tried to remain positive. I leaned on my family and friends and along the way tried to connect others to get them the help they needed in an effort to make a woman’s hard times easier and get her the help she needs faster – and maybe the occasional humorous anecdote to inject the necessary levity.

The way I see it is that you have a choice as to how to handle the bad in your life-  You can either sulk and mope or laugh and be positive.  So if you’re going through this crap now, join me and my friends and stand up to infertility with a big chuckle. Join the conversation – learn from each other, make friends and keep on laughing till you can call yourself a parent…then the tears can really start to flow.

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