Fertility Revolution Podcast

Julie with Sara RaberI’m excited to share that I was interviewed by Julie Chang for Fertility Revolution’s podcasts.* (launching 7/10/14).

I share details of my infertility journey and how and why I started my blog, Laughing At The I-Word. I hope you all enjoy the podcast. Here is the link to the podcast:


If you have an iTunes account, please support the podcast by submitting a rating and review here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/fertility-revolution-julie/id881967439

*Here is some information about Fertility Revolution:

Fertility Revolution is a 5 day a week podcast, hosted by Julie Chang, interviewing fertility experts and educators.  We share our experience and valuable tips to help you get pregnant.  Fertility Revolution hosts respected fertility doctors, complementary fertility practitioners, attorneys, infertility advocates, and published authors.  Join me on a journey with my spotlighted guests, highlighting common stumbling blocks and misconceptions which might make it more difficult for you to conceive.  Of course, we provide tips and resources to help you overcome these potential hurdles.

Fertility Revolution is all about inspiring YOU on YOUR fertility journey. We know that by hearing common stumbling blocks, misconceptions, and proactive fertility action tips, you can realize your dream to growing a family and take inspired ACTION!



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