Miscarriage-The Loss, Pain and Moving On

The pain from a loss due to miscarriage is unlike anything like you might experience in your life – and it’s a unique experience to one’s infertility, or rather fertility, journey. I’ve been fortunate, that although I’ve had a rough infertility journey, I did get pregnant each and every time I did IVF. I was even lucky enough to get pregnant on my own. But, unfortunately, some of those pregnancies didn’t make it past the first two months and ended with a miscarriage. I am not sure which is worse, getting that amazing news that the IVF worked and you’re pregnant only to be let down a few weeks later that you lost it; or is it better to just “cut your losses” and hear that the cycle didn’t work and you’re not pregnant.

Now all these years later I can finally get through a conversation saying, “I had a miscarriage – rather miscarriages” without welling up with emotion. Well, sort of get through it – some days it is still hard to get the words out without tears. Some days out of the blue I’ll see a pregnant woman or a newborn and find myself stopped in my tracks on the verge of tears. I will never forget the pain of those first miscarriages before my oldest was born. Or even the pain of my third miscarriage in between the births of my children. Looking back, I see that each miscarriage brought a unique sense of emotional pain, road to recovery (both physical and mental) and ensuing journey forward. Continue Reading

CHR Post: IVF 101- Sara’s Guide to IVF (Part V)

My latest post for the Center For Human Reproduction’s Guest Blog

In my last post, I described the last major step in the IVF process: The Embryo Transfer. What’s next? Well, it’s time for the Two Week Wait.

So congratulations to me. I made it through the weeks of intense medication, doctor visits and overall anxiety of the IVF process. So now what? Is it my time to just sit back and plan for nine months from now with the hopes of becoming a mother? Oh no. The anxiety that I felt everyday through the transfer did not go away, it just shifted. Now that the transfer was done, I was about to embark on the next part of IVF known as the Two Week Wait. (No, I did not invent this phrase.) The Two Week Wait (also known as TWW) is the two-week period in between the transfer and your scheduled pregnancy test. If you’re reading this post, your question may be “How do you handle the TWW and how is this time period different from the other stages of IVF?” Continue Reading

Laughing At The I-Word Meet & Greet Event

Going through infertility issues? Looking to connect with peers who get you? Join Laughing At The I-Word for a Meet & Greet and hear the “Top Ten Things I Wish I Knew When Battling Infertility”.

June 25th, 2014. 7pm

Just For Today:  201 E.56th St.

DID I MENTION ITS FREE?- Now that’s a rarity in the infertility world