CHR Post: IVF 10; A Guide To The Process of IVF, Part I

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In a previous post, I described the process of deciding that CHR was the place for my husband and me to battle our infertility issues.  After our medical consultation with Dr. Gleicher, we learned that that IVF was our only option and the best chance we had of having genetically-linked children of our own. So we committed with full force.

Committing to IVF is a big deal – both emotionally and financially. But once you “get there,” you now know that you have a plan. So what can you expect from an IVF cycle?  Here is my personal guide to the process of IVF, Part I. Continue Reading

What Was He Thinking?

Journalist interviewing a politicianHappy New Year! Is it ok to say that in the middle of January? Well anyway … With the New Year, I thought it would be interesting to start a series of interviews of people who were by my side during my infertility struggles. I hope it provides interesting perspectives and potentially some laughs along the way.

My first “subject” is my husband. Here’s what he had to say.
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