Being Grateful

what-if-today-we-were-just-grateful-for-everythingThanksgiving is upon us. The time of year when we’re supposed to be grateful and say thanks for what we have. For those of you/us battling infertility, it might seem hard to be grateful at this time. You might want to curse anyone who you could blame for your situation. You might just feel like being the opposite of grateful.  (By the way, I looked up the antonym of “grateful”: abusive, mean, heedless, rude, thankless, unappreciative, oh and ungrateful).

My advice (if you’re taking it) . . . try and find something to be thankful for since we can all be thankful for something or someone in our lives. It could be your spouse, your job, your home, family etc.   Maybe it’s just a matter of being thankful for your new perspective on life. Yes, the situation you’re in is quite crappy, but let’s look at all the new skills you have/or will obtain.  Continue Reading

CHR Blog: “Now That I Realize I’m One of the ‘Unlucky’ Ones, Where Do I Start?”

My last blog was my way of an introduction. With the formalities out of the way, let’s get to the stuff that you want to know about. I know you are thinking: “Now that I realize that I’m one of the ‘unlucky’ ones, where do I start?”

Well, let’s start from the beginning and, to paraphrase an overused cliché, explore everything you wanted to know about IVF but were afraid to ask. Continue Reading

Umm….is this what I ordered?


While I was going through my IVF cycles, there was never a day that went by that I didn’t have a far-fetched, neurotic thought that would creep into my mind. (Yes – I wrote “cycles” as I had a few rounds of IVF before the birth of my older son but more to come on that awesome drama another time.)  Some were harmless, such as whether the hormones were going to make me breakout like my 16-year old self.  Others were more serious and would keep me awake at night. Primarily, what if they mixed the wrong egg and sperm? What if they transferred the wrong embryo?  Not to sound shallow, but I was paying a large amount of money for a baby to be genetically linked to my husband and me. At the bare minimum, that’s what I should get.

Being the research nerd that I am, I searched online to determine whether there was any real validity to my concerns; unfortunately, there are numerous documented instances in which IVF clinics made some unfortunate mistakes and mixed up patients’ egg and sperm or transferred someone else’s embryo. Read More

Guest Blogging at CHR

I have the very exciting opportunity to guest blog on my fertility clinic, Center for Human Reproduction (CHR)’s website. See the post below or check it out on

My name is Sara and I am a proud “graduate” of CHR.  I battled my own infertility and endured all the rollercoaster emotions that accompanied the realization that I needed some serious medical intervention to help me achieve my dreams of parenthood.  Thanks to CHR, I am now lucky to call myself a mom, as my 2 beautiful sons were born in August 2010 and August 2012.  I am excited about contributing to CHR’s blog because I can think of no better satisfaction than to be able to help those who are unfortunately experiencing their own struggle with infertility. As you work towards starting your own family, my goal is to show you that the subject matter of infertility is not to be considered taboo, as I will share with you my personal experiences that ultimately led me to successfully trade the label of infertile for that of mother – perhaps you may even find a reason to laugh.

Continue Reading

Do These Hormones Make Me Look Fat?

After you come to terms with injecting all those meds and you learn to do them with your eyes closed, you then realize – hey am I getting puffy? Did the IVF work and we don’t officially know yet because my stomach looks bigger? Is this plumpness a precursor for being pregnant? You might find yourself asking your partner (like I did), “Do these hormones make me look fat?” Looking back, the answer was yes but after the third try of IVF, I knew it was just training for my pregnancy weight gain. Yes the hormones can make you gain some weight –actual lb’s or just water weight. Either way, not pretty but hopefully temporary.

You’re Telling Me I Don’t Need A Degree To Administer These Shots?!?

I started my first IVF cycle in September 2008.  It was all so new, strange and bizarre.  I remember after our first blood test and ultrasound visit the nurse gave us a tutorial on the shots.  At first we were like what … what do you mean my husband and I have to administer shots?  And where exactly are these shots going?  And are you sure we don’t need medical training?  Continue Reading